Ship Leasing

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Ship Leasing

Aqua Tiberis BV focuses on mid-size Post-Panamax and smaller containerships, the workhorses of the global fleet, which tend to serve the faster-growing non-Mainlane and intra-regional trades collectively representing over 70% of global containerized trade volumes.

Our goal is to provide our liner operator customers with well-specified, operationally flexible, reliable, fuel-efficient, high-reefer capacity, low-slot cost containerships to support their operations within the highly competitive global logistics industry.

We take a partnership approach with our customers, providing flexible chartering solutions which enable them to free up capital and management resources to focus on other strategic priorities.

Our investment model seeks to combine strong, longer-term contract cover with selective shorter-term exposure, providing a firm base with downside protection and forward visibility on cash flows, while also offering access to upside earnings potential in a highly cyclical market.

If you have any questions regarding the Ship Leasing solutions we can offer, please do not hesitate to contact us by email: or alternatively by phone: +3 1687256307